What Is an M.S. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction in Mathematics?

The science of mathematics is one of the most important tools any society has at its disposal. Skilled workers in various fields like engineering, finances or even cryptography are essential to sustaining the American way of life.

If you are an educator passionate about improving the way your school teaches math, the Master of Science in Education – Teacher Education – Curriculum and Instruction – Mathematics online program from Youngstown State University is an ideal degree for taking your teaching skills to the next level. Certified by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), this program gives educators the necessary knowledge to build curricula that increases students’ mathematical skills and overall reasoning abilities.

Benefits of a Master’s in Education

A variety of benefits come with earning an advanced degree in education, including increased earnings and improved skills. The average yearly salary for an individual with a master’s in education is $61,663, as of May 2021 data from PayScale. Individuals who move into a position as a senior instructional designer earn an average salary of $80,011.

Among the other benefits of a master’s in education are:

  • qualifying for leadership positions
  • gaining enhanced teaching abilities
  • reducing anxiety over job security
  • commanding great benefits associated with working at colleges or universities

Increasing your earning potential is certainly an appealing benefit of any academic program, especially when considering a return on investment (ROI) for a degree. According to the National Center for Education Statistics data, students who had to take out student loans to finance their graduate degrees from public universities had an average of $54,500 of debt.

YSU’s MS.Ed. – Teacher Education – Curriculum and Instruction – Mathematics program has total tuition of just $12,450. Graduates will receive tremendous value for their tuition dollars, allowing them to pay off any student loans in a shorter amount of time.

Dynamic Curriculum

For those who have a desire to help learners, YSU’s program is “ideal for applicants with a strong mathematics background who are interested in transitioning into teaching, as well as applicants with teaching experience who are looking to enhance their classroom instruction or rise to content specialty roles.” Students can complete the program in as few as 12 months.

Some of the program’s unique, rigorous courses include:

  • Intro to Digital Teaching and Learning
  • Brain-Based Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction to Improve Learning
  • Advanced Data Analysis
  • Discrete Mathematics for Teachers

Improved Job Prospects

Your ability to design an effective mathematics curriculum isn’t the only benefit from earning an advanced education degree in curriculum and instruction and mathematics. New graduates will quickly find that their professional trajectory has greatly improved. A few of the exciting career paths graduates can pursue include:

YSU’s M.S.Ed. – Teacher Education – Curriculum and Instruction – Mathematics online program is perfect for educators who want to revamp math education. The program is affordable, CAEP accredited and offers multiple start dates and a flexible academic calendar ideal for working professionals who want to work while earning their degree.

Learn more about Youngstown State University’s online Master of Science in Education – Curriculum & Instruction – Mathematics program.


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