How Content Marketing Works Within Digital Marketing

Content marketing and digital marketing are closely related but fundamentally different. Content marketing appeals to and retains customers using targeted, personalized content information. Content can be a social media post, video, blog post, podcast, infographics and interactive elements on a website. Digital marketing is any marketing strategy orchestrated via digital devices — a computer, smartphone, tablet or a gaming device. These strategies can include using business websites, email lists, social media platforms, videos, blogs and related mediums. An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Specialization in Marketing from Youngstown State University (YSU) can help students develop expertise in digital marketing strategies and consumer behavior they can use across various fields to improve a company’s performance.

Digital Marketing vs. Content Marketing

Modern marketing is digital marketing. Companies no longer rely on billboards, print advertisements, television commercials or radio spots to promote their brand or products. Instead, today’s marketing involves digital promotion targeting specific customers using digital marketing and content marketing. While certain aspects of both types of marketing overlap, there are specific differences between the two.

Digital marketing takes advantage of the screen time potential customers log daily. By promoting products and services, businesses target consumers by using a variety of modern advertising methods, such as social media marketing and management, pay-per-click (PPC), online advertising, content creation, search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and more. For many companies, a combination of digital marketing methods will work best to attract the most customers.

Digital marketing is about creating an active process that can involve interaction between a business and its customers. While traditional forms of marketing involve a one-way marketing approach of providing information to a broad base of consumers, digital marketing offers a way for an actual customer or potential customer to communicate with the brand. This versatile marketing approach can bring remarkable business benefits such as a global reach, targeting specific demographics and building strong customer relationships.

Content marketing is about creating and dispensing relevant content that solves problems while attracting and retaining customers. Content can be information-packed articles, videos, graphics, blog posts, podcasts and more. This type of content can drive website traffic, generate leads, grow profits and build brand loyalty. By creating tailored content that potential customers find useful, a company can attract attention and establish trust. By providing free content for a targeted audience, a business can connect with potential customers, increase their exposure and generate more traffic to their website. Engaging content attracts customers, establishes the company as an expert in the field, builds strong relationships and creates opportunities to increase a customer base.

Content marketing is a vital part of digital marketing efforts. It supports a robust marketing strategy by setting clear goals, understanding a target audience and creating content backed by data that supports the marketing objectives.

How an Online MBA From YSU Can Help You Reach Your Goals

This online program can help you prepare for a career in digital marketing by examining consumers and their behaviors in an online world. Students study the decisions consumers make when they assess and purchase goods and services, learn how to develop effective marketing plans and examine the role technology plays in addressing purchasing needs. Graduates of this innovative program will have completed specializations in both marketing and technology while gaining the ability to make decisions using analytical methods to interpret business situations and information.

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