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Get to know the supportive YSU faculty who will prepare you for excellence.


Get to know the supportive YSU faculty who will prepare you for excellence.


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Dr. Chris BasichPart-Time Faculty Member

"I first started teaching because I loved seeing the light bulb go on for students when they learned something new. I continue to teach because I want to keep that light bulb glowing bright for students as they progress through their academic journey."

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Dr. Jane BeeseAssociate Professor

"Keep up with the readings and assignments and try not to fall behind. The fast-paced program allows you to immerse yourself in the content. Engage in conversation with your peers, invest time in the materials, and take away everything you can!"

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Dr. M. Kathleen L. CripeAssociate Professor

"Our students, classrooms, curriculum and so many other factors are constantly changing. To be effective educators, we need to be willing to keep an open mind and learn new techniques, technology, differentiation, etc."

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Dr. Lauren CumminsProfessor

"I want my students to walk away with new and fresh ideas for a new paradigm in education, gaining skills in using technology in authentic and engaging ways and transforming classrooms/schools and districts into learning communities where students become entrepreneurs of their own learning."

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Dr. Pam EplerAssistant Professor

"I would expect my students to take away the skills and knowledge to work with any student who has a disability under IDEA."

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Dr. Charles HowellDean

"Manage time wisely. Make sure you set aside time not just for education but for professional responsibilities, family and yourself. In planning your coursework, work smart, communicate with professors and make sure you understand expectations."

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Dr. Charles JeffordsAssociate Professor

"This program is designed to prepare potential educational leaders for the rigors of modern-day school administration at the building or district level."

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Dr. Mary E. La VineAssociate Professor

"Learn to lead and create classrooms, schools and community organizations where innovation, creativity and technology make learning environments engaging, supportive and transformational."

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Dr. Melissa K. MlakarPart-Time Faculty

"Pursuing a higher degree allows you to stay abreast of current trends in education, develop your leadership style among your peers, and continue to grow and learn as an educator. Youngstown State's online degree program will allow you to do all of these things at your convenience and pace."

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Dr. Kathleen PoeFaculty

"Be fully engaged in your learning. Be reflective in your thinking. Both actions will allow your formal education to meaningfully merge with your daily practices."

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Dr. Christopher RatenoPart-Time Faculty

"Future and current school leaders will gain the knowledge and skills to understand and utilize data to identify school improvement needs and make informed decisions in making change."

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Dr. Crystal RaticanAssociate Professor

"Education opens more doors; never be afraid to learn something new."

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Dr. Gail Saunders-SmithAssociate Professor

"Earning a degree is work. As with any job, the most successful people are prepared, on time, diligent, thinkers, innovative, and hard workers. Those traits will make you successful in earning this degree and prepare you for what is next in your career."

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Dr. Chuck VergonProfessor

"YSU prides itself on the practice-relevance and academic rigor of its program and the combination of front-line practitioners and full-time faculty who staff it. Students who enjoy engagement, are diligent in what they undertake and realistic in the time they can devote to completing the program will be sure to benefit the most."


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Molly RocheAssociate Professor of Nursing

"[A BSN] provides an expanded view of the nursing profession and the complete focus and role of the registered nurse to apply to patient care."

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Laura CalcagniAssistant Professor

“The BSN curriculum takes nursing beyond the basics and advances student knowledge and confidence in leadership, evidence-based practice, and health promotion.”

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Valerie O'DellProfessor of Nursing

“Be intent on setting aside time each week to work on your class assignments in order to stay on track with your schoolwork.”


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Albert J. SumellProfessor of Economics

"The value is not just pecuniary in the sense that the majority of those with an MBA have a positive ROI. The value is also based on the experience, which involves what you learn in class and your willingness to network with other students and faculty."

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Christina SaengerAssociate Professor of Marketing

"An MBA signals to the professional world your deep interest in the business environment, and your commitment as a lifelong learner in the study of business."

YSU Faculty Member Dr. Daniel F. Cesene

Dr. Daniel F. CeseneAdjunct Instructor for the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services and the Williamson College of Business Administration

"I started teaching to help inspire and instill a 'passion for learning' to others."

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Joshua A. Morton IMedical Doctor / Professor

"The purpose of the course is to give students the skills necessary to understand all aspects of health and healthcare especially those related to Healthcare Reform and recent and previous legislation."

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Kendra FowlerAssociate Professor

"There is never a perfect time to get an advanced degree, but with planning and dedication you can succeed."

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Rangamohan V. EunniProfessor

"Learn to communicate concisely and effectively."

YSU Faculty Ying Wang

Dr. Ying WangProfessor

"Our MBA program is designed to meet the challenges and maximize the opportunities created by today's digital marketplace."

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