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Molly RocheAssociate Professor of Nursing

"[A BSN] provides an expanded view of the nursing profession and the complete focus and role of the registered nurse to apply to patient care."

Degrees Held:

  • MSN – Kent State University, 1987
  • BSN – Kent State University, 1979
  • AAS – Youngstown State University, 1978

Career Highlights:

  • Clinical Nurse positions at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio, and Mount Carmel Hospital in Columbus, Ohio
  • Leadership position at St. Elizabeth School of Nursing for 6 years
  • 11 years of teaching and academic advising at Kent State University, teaching "Leadership in Nursing" class and clinical and RN-BSN courses
  • 15 years of teaching at Youngstown State University in all levels of the curriculum course and to clinical sophomore, junior and senior-level BSN students and RN-BSN students; developed RN-BSN from a hybrid into an online program format
  • Active member of the District Three Ohio Nurses Association; presently a board member and chair of their Nursing Practice Committee


  • Distinguished Professor Award in Teaching, Youngstown State University, April 2015
  • Nurse Educator Award, District Three Ohio Nurses Association, May 2019
  • Senior Capstone Distance Learning Course of the Year finalist, Youngstown State University Distance


  • Roche, M (2015) Parkinson's Disease Patient Assessment and Concept Map in "A Critical Thinking Approach to Care Planning" 4th ed (McHugh-Schuster, P) Philadelphia, F.A Davis Co.
  • Hoyson, P. and Serroka, K. (2006) RN NCLEX Review Book, submitted questions in the Fundamentals of Nursing Chapter. Bartlett and James.
  • Snelson, C., Martsolf, D., Diekman, B., Anaya, E., Cartechine, K., Miller, B., Roche, M., & Shaffer, J. (2002). Caring as a theoretical perspective for a nursing faculty mentoring program. Nurse Education Today, 22, 654-660.
  • Ludwick, R., Dieckman, B., Herdtner, S., Roche, M., Dugan, M. (1998). Documenting the scholarship of clinical teaching through peer review. Nurse Educator, 23(6), 17-21.
  • Caputo, V.M., Augustyn-Lindsay, M., Anderson, P., and Roche, M. (1990). Nursing Education Research. Convergence, 11 (2), 22-23.
  • Roche, M. and Gosnell, D. (1989). Evaluation of a Hospital Teaching Program for Breast Self-Examination. Patient Education and Counseling, 13 (1), 31-41.

Grants Received

  • Ohio Board of Nursing Education Grant (NEGP) with Lead Investigator Nancy Wagner, YSU Nursing Department. 186,000 Aug. 2015-17
  • Bowling Green State University and Kent State University Information Literacy Fellowship Project. "Evidenced Based Practice in Nursing." May 2003. $5,000. Teaching Committee, Kent State University College of Nursing. Molly Roche co-prepared proposal and implemented with Ella Anaya, Betty Freund & Nancy Panthofer.

In which online degree program do you teach?


  • Which classes do you teach in the online RN to BSN program?

    NURS 3720: Professional Nursing; NURS 3730: Culture in Nursing; NURS 4804: Health Assessment for RNs; NURS 4846L: Community Health Nursing for RNs; NURS 4854/L: Nursing Leadership; NURS 4852: Senior Capstone

  • What do you want students to take away from your classes?

    • - Each course is applicable to the profession of nursing as well as in your individual clinical practice area
    • - Class concepts can be incorporated into your present nursing practice and into future role development as a leader in nursing
    • - You can impact your own community with your involvement and teaching
    • - Nurses can expand on their roles in the healthcare system—e.g., teaching health prevention with patient care
    • - Lifelong learning is important to the role of nursing
  • Why did you start teaching?

    I was asked by an older faculty member who had students in my clinical unit: "You are so kind to the students and have patience with them. Would you be interested in teaching?" So I tried it and really enjoyed teaching in the classroom along with coaching students in their clinicals.

  • Why are you interested in nursing? What drew you to this field?

    I grew up with parents in the medical profession and was exposed to taking care of injured and ill people from an early age; always knew I wanted to be a nurse from a young age and enjoyed helping others who were ill. I found that showing kindness and caring could always make people feel better and calm them when upset.

  • What do you think is the biggest challenge that nurses face today?

    • - Gaining respect as a profession: demonstrating real-life responsibilities and what we can really contribute to healthcare, the healing process and the prevention of illness versus what is seen on TV.
    • - Also, recruiting new nurses to the profession and keeping them there.
  • What advice would you give to those considering the YSU online RN to BSN program?

    Just getting started is the hardest part. Get a calendar and schedule out work, class and study time for each week. Keep up by planning consistent days and times to work on the course. Utilize class readings and notes to be active in the discussion by applying class concepts to nursing and your own practice. Find a friend or classmate that you can get together with to support and push each other to complete each course and graduate.

  • What is the value of a BSN for working nurses?

    • - Provides an expanded view of the nursing profession and the complete focus and role of the Registered Nurse to apply to patient care
    • - Puts them at a similar professional level as all other healthcare workers they will collaborate with
    • - Opens new doors and opportunities for future nursing positions
    • - Gives nurses confidence in their role by expanding their knowledge base
    • - Supports lifelong learning needed in the profession
  • What is the one book you think everyone should read?

    "Little Women" by Louisa May Alcott—or any book that allows you to escape and relax for awhile

  • Tell us something interesting about yourself that your students might not know.

    • - I am the middle child of nine children, having four brothers and four sisters. Also, I have three grown children—two girls, ages 26 and 29, and a son who is 32. One girl is a Physician Assistant, one is a dental hygienist, and my son is a dentist.
    • - I have always worked while attending college and raising children, so I understand how it is to balance this role.
    • - I've always had a dog growing up and while married. Currently, I have a 10-year old Golden Retriever. I've been married for 37 years to the same man, and my favorite role is being a grandma.

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