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Top Trends in Literacy Education

To effectively advance literacy instruction, it is important to understand what professionals in the field need. The International Literacy Association (ILA) regularly polls them on

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A Brief Look at Digital Marketing

There are many strategies for achieving marketing goals through building consumer awareness, engagement and retention. Today’s consumers spend significant amounts of time online. Thus, marketing

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Nursing With Emotional Intelligence

Although cognitive intelligence (IQ) is important in nursing, another type of intelligence is increasingly recognized as important for success. Emotional intelligence allows nurses to form

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What is CAEP Accreditation?

When a teacher-preparation college or university achieves accreditation, you can be confident it offers a high-quality education. But what makes accreditation so important? The History

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A Look at Nursing in Ohio

From large urban university hospitals to private practices and rural facilities, there are robust career opportunities for nurses in Ohio. The career outlook for Ohio

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