Affordable M.S.Ed. Degrees Online in Ohio

As higher education costs skyrocket, colleges and universities are offering accessible and affordable online degree programs that are competitive and convenient. Besides saving on commuting or relocation costs, these online programs allow individuals the flexibility they need to juggle full-time jobs, family life and the pursuit of a master’s degree. Cost saving can come in many other, often unexpected forms, as well. For example, attending a prestigious brick-and-mortar school outside of your state, can be prohibitively expensive. However, attending classes offered by an out-of-state school online may be even more economical than attending a state school. For this and other reasons, “Education reformers see a remedy in Internet-based tools, which they say can help more students earn college degrees at a lower cost to themselves, their families, and the government,” according to The Atlantic.

These online, student-centered programs are appealing to those considering a return to school in the midst of full lives both at home and at work. Many working professionals want to gain expertise in their field while earning a degree that will help them progress in their careers. “In fact, the number of students enrolling in online private not-for-profit institutions jumped over 11 percent in the last year, according to the Online Learning Consortium,” notes CNBC.

Per Credit Cost Comparison of Education Specialist Programs

Beyond being recognized as one of the “Best Online Colleges in Ohio” by Affordable Colleges Online, Youngstown State University’s online Master of Science in Education programs are both affordable and accelerated. Youngstown was ranked 7th in the nation in a recent list of the 100 Most Affordable Colleges and Universities (College Consensus).

This savings is evident when compared to other programs in the same vicinity. At YSU, the cost per credit hour is $415 (with an additional $5 per credit for out of state students), while the cost per credit hour at the University of Cincinnati is $724, and the cost per credit at Xavier University is $570 plus additional fees. The Master of Science in Education degrees at YSU can be completed in as few as 12-14 months and start at $12,450, for in state students and $12,600 for those who are out of state.

The Affordable Choice

YSU’s 100% online M.S.Ed. programs are geared toward those who value their time as well as those who have home and work lives that cannot be upended to attend a brick-and-mortar school. The flexibility of online programs appeals to those who are already leading full lives. Moreover, these accelerated programs are competitively priced, reduce the cost of commuting or possible relocation, and are friendly to out-of-state enrollment. Without the overhead required to maintain a physical campus, schools can afford to offer attractive price points for advanced degrees, reducing student debt while providing a quality education.

Learn more about Youngstown State University’s online M.S.Ed. programs.


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